#TheReadingQuest Challenge: sign-up post! 

Here I am, and I come with a challenge that Read At Midnight hosts. Here is everything in detail. I love RPGs and I love books so this seemed like the perfect challenge for me! 

There’s four paths where you can choose one among them (although if you are quick you can even try to do other paths for extra points!) and side quests. Everything in this board:

I’ve decided to take the Knight Path. 

(please don’t laugh too much at my horrible editing skills, I know this could be much better but I’m also doing this last-minute because I thought I couldn’t make it —I’m still not so sure) 

The first book of a series: 

The Bone Witch, by Rin Chupeco

A book with a verb in its title:

Juliet takes a breath, by Gabby Rivera

A book with a weapon on its cover:

The Swordswoman, by Malcolm Archibald 

A book with a red cover:

Sky Key, by James Frey

A book that has a tv/movie adaptation: 

The handmaid’s tale, by Margaret Atwood


So that’s it for now! You can read me on twitter @emewritesabout, I’ll be with the hashtag #TheReadingQuest. 

Till next time, little rainbows! 


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